Which loan offer is currently the most advantageous?

Which loan offer is currently the most advantageous? We are talking about an average repayment term, not less than 6 months, and it will probably be even 12 months.

The amount – I do not know yet exactly, depends how much it will cost. Ultimately, I would like to borrow about USD 3,000.

Who knows I was also thinking about it and it turned out that there is not one company that has the best offer, and the others are sneezing. There is, however, a group of companies that maintain a more or less equal level, or their offers differ so slightly that it is negligible.

Quick Loans

Quick Loans

You can check e.g. Quick Loans – they currently have an offer of USD 6,000 for 2 months, with APRC at 0%.  There is no simple answer – go there, you’ll have the best there. No – offers change frequently. The repayment period is also important, because if you ask, I assume that it will be longer than 1 or 2 months, probably around a year or even longer.

Then the cost will change. In my opinion, write an email to several loan companies.  Most loan companies have their first APRC loans at 0%. They differ only in the amounts. There are those that give 1500 USD for 30 days, there are also those that give 3000 USD for 30 days.

But there are also those that give 6,000 USD for 60 days – as is the case with Quick Loans. Of course, these are offers for new customers. The second and each subsequent loan is granted on slightly worse terms. 

Financial conditions


I subscribe to this, there is no one right loan offer, but there is a set of many offers that can be thrown into one sack, and which are similar in terms of contractual provisions or financial conditions, not to say almost 1 to 1?  In the long run, I would not make an estimation as to which option will be in a week or a month good.

These types of offers are analyzed on an ongoing basis. Because tomorrow or after tomorrow this may change. A good job, such as offer comparison websites, makes it easier to choose the best option. In my opinion, Quick Loans. Have you seen this offer up to USD 6,000 for 65 days at 0% APRC? 

Spend some time analyzing individual offers


It all depends on whether we have time to make a decision. Because if he is not there, then let’s arrange, the choice is made blindly. If you spend some time analyzing individual offers, you can save up to several hundred USD in this way.

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