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Over 20 Luxurious Mind Blowing Studio Apartments

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    Studio apartments have been known for their stylish and luxurious interior designs.

    With studio apartments being suited towards single people or a couple, its normal for them to have a specific style which has been personalised by the curator, whether its someone who has been hired to do so, or its been completed by the individuals staying in the property.

    As for these studio apartments they are on the high end of the property ladder, so there will be a certain level of design which will have gone into the interiors before the property has been bought by the current owners.

    When it comes to designing these type of suites and studios, things arent only designed for the sake of practicality and the use of space they are designed for luxury and stylistic reasons.

    As what attracts people to buy or rent property like this is the ability to feel like a king or a queen in their own home, whether thats by looking out at an incredible view, lying in your huge king size bed, cooking in your spacious kitchen or enjoying a steamy wash in a massaging bath tub.

    For an example of the thought that goes into one of these impressive buildings, Londons newest luxury accommodation Lincoln Square has listed their master plan for the building, the inspiration for the interiors that they went for and the design for their central courtyard which has seen a water fountain and textured tiles been implemented into the area.

    Giving us specifics such as listing that the land is 1,600 square metres where the building is situated to the right of this information a blueprinted master plan of the building and surrounding area is shown.

    Giving an insight to the designer of the apartments is also supplied by the Lodha Group, of their Lincoln Square accommodation.

    This gives an idea of where the inspiration comes from and puts the designer on a pedestal whilst also tying it in with how art is very important in the local area due to the history of buildings in the surrounding parts e.g.

    Sir John Soanes Museum and other art galleries and museums in the area.

    If you want to see what thought goes into the designing of a studio apartment go to http://www.lodhagroup.co.uk/lincolnsquarelondon/apartmentsdesign/ where youll be given a breakdown

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