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RC Drone Flies Over Nude Beach, and gets chased out.

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Favorited Videos

    While shooting some Oahu HI shoreline footage I ran across something I didn't expect.

    A nude beach? Could it be? Yep, sure enough.

    I guess every nice shoreline has one.

    I admit I went back for a second look, and when I did, trouble showed up.

    This guy was really pissed off and tried to take my drone down by throwing his sandals at it.

    Then he proceeds to follow us back to our truck and harass us, asking for my memory card.

    Its illegal on Oahu to sunbathe naked.

    So im not sure why this guy was even talking to me.

    I was pretty pissed off at this point because he almost took down my quad-copter and Go-pro with his sandal (with his winkie hanging out).

    Lucky for him he missed.

    There are naked people in this video but I have blurred them out so don't worry about seeing something that may traumatize you.;)