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History of Latvia

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  • Uploaded 4 years ago in the category Favorited Videos

    Funny kind of Latvian history by "Animācijas brigāde".

    We (all) the peoples of Latvia love our land.
    We don`t make the difference between races, nationalities.

    Only what is needed- free choice and good will.

    I love the God- our creator and his Son Jesus Christ.

    It`s my choice- choice to be TRULY FREE! Ideologies are the Satan plans to destroy our land(Planet Earth).

    I need to say I am sorry, but some peoples from East don`t understand- we don`t need them! We don't need Communism, KGBism, Stalin(ism), and other shit! This is why I make my decision- to shut up these fucking mouthes! SHUT UP! All comments are disabled and game of Democracy is gone! No Democracy, when strongest kills weakest! Fuck You!

    Our link: http://rossgallagher.co.uk