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Latvia: Meet the man who drives with his FEET

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    M/S Gatis Caunitis entering car
    C/U Gatis Caunitis retrieving his drivers license
    SOT, Gatis Caunitis, 26-year-old driver (Latvian): "The instructor in the driving school showed no sign of surprise when he saw me.

    Like if it was just an ordinary situation.

    I asked him if he was afraid of driving with me, he said no."
    C/U Gatis Caunitis turning on engine
    C/U Gatis Caunitis adjusting gear
    SOT, Gatis Caunitis, 26-year-old driver (Latvian): "I passed both theory and practice in the first attempt."
    M/S Gatis Caunitis driving
    C/U Gatis Caunitis driving
    M/S Gatis Caunitis behind the wheel
    C/U Gatis Caunitis driving
    C/U Steering wheel
    M/S Gatis Caunitis driving
    SOT, Gatis Caunitis, 26-year-old driver (Latvian): "Actually, before allowing me to sit on a driver's seat, the instructor asked the Department of Transportation if there could be any claims against a disabled student.

    They said they had none."
    W/S Gatis Caunitis driving


    The 26-year old Latvian Gatis Caunitis successfully passed his drivers license exam using just his legs in Riga Sunday.

    Gatis drives with an automatic gearbox.

    He uses just one leg to control the car wheel, and the other to push the pedals.

    Passengers who have driven with him say his driving is absolutely safe.

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