The Easiest Methods For World Credit Card Cancellation

Good Credit’s most widely used and Turkey’s most extensive business network with featured World World Card credit cards often criticized for its high fees and default interest. In this context, there are some procedures that can be followed by consumers who want to cancel the credit card.

It should be noted that there is a difference

It should be noted that there is a difference

Between credit card cancellation and credit card closure before addressing the procedures for credit card cancellation. The banking system is very sensitive about terminological distinctions and therefore, choosing the right word is of great importance in order to make transactions correctly.

If your credit card was stolen or lost and you want to receive a new one, you need to cancel your previous credit card. However, to terminate all credit card related obligations, exemption from card fees, etc. If you want, you must close your credit card. Both issues will be discussed below.

World Card Credit Card Cancellation

World Card Credit Card Cancellation

People who want to cancel their credit cards may be lost or stolen or contact the call center for direct closure. If your card is lost or stolen, you can connect to the lost/stolen line, but in order for your card to be shut down, you must connect to the credit card customer representative through the necessary security confirmations.

It is also possible to cancel the cards via the internet and mobile banking channels. If the credit card is lost or stolen, you can cancel the card through the application, but in this case, your card will not be closed completely and a new card will be sent to your address. Therefore, this channel should be used only in case of loss / stolen.

In addition to the call center, it is possible for consumers who want to close the card to receive support from branches. It is the most reliable and bureaucratic method to ensure that the card is closed for use through branches. First of all, you should go to the nearest Good Credit Bank branch and contact the Retail Sales Specialist to discuss the card closure request.

Then, the petition for cancellation regarding the closing of the card should be written and submitted. The petition form can be submitted ready by the bank staff or can be written directly on a blank paper.

Credit Card Canceled But Still Looks Active?

Credit Card Canceled But Still Looks Active?

One of the most common situations is that consumers who cancel the card try to confirm the cancellation by making a Good Finance query and see that the card is still active. This is not a concern and does not require any action.

Credit card cancellation transactions take place instantly at the bank, but it may take up to 1 week for the card to appear passive in databases and Good Finance, where this information will be shared with other banks. When a query is made after 1 week has passed, the card will be canceled.

If the card has been canceled 1 week after the cancellation request, but still appears active, the bank should be informed about the situation. In both cases, the passivation process will take place instantly, since 1 week has passed.

You can check this section to look at the section on Re-opening a Canceled Credit Card through our site.

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